Why we like Hanks…

I trained at Hank’s for many years. It was a no-frills gym for serious professional bodybuilders. Hank Breaker was a no nonsense gym owner, there every day…
- Dave O.

I started going to Hank’s Gym back in April because my trainer worked out there. I like it. Most people are in there working out and not talking and holding up the machines.
- Kay Kay

I’ve been in this gym several times already. The equipment is great and complete. And the instructors always accommodate to my needs.
- Chris Frawley

The staff at Hank’s Gym is very nice. Plenty of exercise equipment. Dumbbells go up to 200 pounds.
- Tim M

The small gym is located in the Bellaire area and is for those who want to work out and get in shape.
- Dr. Robert L