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MAT® is a powerful bodywork technique and evaluation process that assesses and corrects muscle weakness, restores optimal muscle function, and addresses the cause of pain. One of the foundational tenets of MAT® is that the body tightens up to protect itself when it senses weakness and instability. One way to think about this concept is to recall how your body reacts to walking on a slippery surface like ice: your muscles tighten and tense up to protect and prevent you from slipping.

MAT® addresses this tightness by identifying and activating the weak muscles that contribute to or cause instability. Muscles must fire – or activate – for us to be able to move. When poorly-firing muscles become activated, they can take on their share of the load as you move, allowing the tight “stabilizing” muscles to relax. Your joints then start experiencing appropriately-balanced muscular support to function at their best, and for the longest possible amount of time.

Activated Muscles is located inside of Hank’s Gym.